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WSHA Safe Table: Readmissions

March 20, 2018

9:00 am–2:30 pm Pacific Time

Conference Center in SeaTac Airport
17801 International Boulevard
Seattle, WA 98158

What: An interactive day analyzing the Agency of Healthcare Research and Quality’s ASPIRE Toolkit: Designing and Delivering Whole-Person Transitional Care.

How: Engage in guided group activities designed to operationalize the toolkit and make it simple and usable in your organization.

Why: To foster a culture of whole-person transitional care to improve patient outcomes and reduce readmissions.


  • Recognize the difference between discharge planning and whole-person transitional care.
  • Focus readmissions interventions on high risk groups using data.
  • Apply patient interview strategy in root cause analysis.
  • Evaluate discharge planning practices and identify opportunities for improvement.


Sue Bergmann
Washington State Hospital Association

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