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Web-based Utilization Review (iEXCHANGE®)

iEXCHANGE is a browser-based application that uses a secure Internet connection to allow healthcare providers to submit utilization review requests electronically.


  • Submit requests and review status at any time
  • Complete questionnaires that may impact the request status
  • Enter only information pertinent to InterQual criteria or evidence-based guidelines and receive authorization number for billing when request is approved
  • Print confirmation page with request information
  • No software required―only Internet access
  • No cost to providers for usage or training


To support compliance with HIPAA regulations, providers are uniquely identified by the combination of their iEXCHANGE and individual user identification. Users can change passwords, as well as add and maintain users. Additionally, users are automatically logged off after a designated period of inactivity.

How to Submit a Request

  • To access iEXCHANGE, open a web browser and go the Internet address (URL), sent to you via email from Qualis Health upon registration with iEXCHANGE
  • Select your group and the type of review requested
  • Enter all necessary information and submit the request

After Submission

  • After a user submits a request, it is immediately made available to Qualis Health to begin the review
  • Users receive confirmation with information including when the review was completed, the days authorized (for inpatient stays), the next review due date and their case ID number
  • A treatment update message displays when the provider selects the group
  • Updates are triggered if the status has changed or a comment has been added
  • Providers can view and respond to status updates or communication from Qualis Health