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Mission, Vision & Values

Qualis Health Mission

The mission of Qualis Health is to generate, apply and disseminate knowledge to improve the quality of healthcare delivery and health outcomes.

Qualis Health Vision

Qualis Health's vision is to be recognized for leadership, innovation and excellence in improving the health of individuals and populations.

Qualis Health Values

Our work is guided by a set of fundamental values that help us operate in an environment sometimes characterized by competing interests and requirements. These core values include:

Integrity and professionalism

We value integrity from ethical and professional perspectives.

  • From the ethical perspective, we adhere to the highest standard of conduct by carrying out our work in an objective and unbiased manner and by respecting those we work with.
  • From the professional perspective, we strive to ensure accuracy, high technical quality, competence of our staff and consultants, excellent customer service, and commitment to current science and standards.


Qualis Health promotes collaborative relationships, both internally and externally, to foster synergy in pursuit of our goals and to help us to find common ground among stakeholders. We value diversity of opinion, background and perspective among our employees, clients, collaborators, stakeholders and partners.


We take seriously our obligation to be responsible stewards of resources, and to conduct our work with our clients' primary objective at the fore: maximizing healthcare value by ensuring high quality and cost effectiveness. We apply technical and professional innovations that make us good stewards of healthcare resources.