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Oral Health Integration

Oral health is an essential component of whole-person care. Qualis Health helps primary care practices efficiently add preventive oral health services and reduce the impact of oral disease on their patients.

With our assistance, practices throughout the United States—large and small, urban and rural—have incorporated oral healthcare.

Comprehensive Services

Our comprehensive oral health integration services assist practices with:

  • Helping leadership understand the value proposition for oral health integration
  • Identifying the first steps a care team can manage that really benefit patients
  • Oral health clinical training for all front-line staff
  • Creating a structure for outside dental referrals or handoffs to internal dentists
  • Optimizing health IT without requiring major changes to the user interface
  • Configuring population reports for oral health in order to see the impact of the effort
  • Spreading and sustaining an oral health program

Practical, Customizable Framework

Over the past 40 years, Qualis Health has worked with thousands of primary care teams. It was with them in mind that we developed the Oral Health Delivery Framework—a practical, customizable method for systematically incorporating preventive oral healthcare services.

Ask about oral health risk factors and symptoms of oral disease. Look for signs that indicate oral health risk or active oral disease. Decide on the most appropriate response. Act: Offer preventive interventions and/or referral for treatment. Document as structured data for decision support and population management.
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We’ve used the Framework in a wide variety of primary care delivery systems across the country to create, implement, spread and sustain successful oral health programs.

Endorsed by nearly two dozen national organizations, the evidence-based Oral Health Delivery Framework has forged a new path for oral health integration in primary care.

Why Qualis Health?

Our highly skilled clinical, quality improvement and health information technology professionals help practices implement the Oral Health Delivery Framework as efficiently as possible. We offer:

  • Thought Leadership: Qualis Health charted the course for oral health integration in primary care when we developed the Oral Health Delivery Framework.
  • Real-World Experience: We’ve worked side by side with practices throughout the nation to help them develop oral health delivery programs.
  • Quality Improvement Expertise: Oral health integration relies on quality improvement methodology. We have conducted quality improvement projects with providers across the care continuum, including thousands of primary care providers.
  • Evidence-Based Resources: Our Oral Health Delivery Framework is supported by templates, assessments, exercises and other resources that have been field tested by a variety of diverse primary care practices.

Resource Library

Oral Health Integration Implementation Guide

Based on the Oral Health Delivery Framework, this comprehensive guide offers an action plan and tools to help primary care practices incorporate oral health into their delivery of whole-person care.

Oral Health Integration Coaching Tools

Primary care practice staff who lead oral health integration activities can boost their coaching skills with these tools.

The Case for Change Summary
Brief talking points that make the case for integrating oral health preventive services into primary care.

Oral Health Integration Program Development Timeline
Sample project plan. Assumes total development time of 15 months, but can be adjusted to meet individual practice needs.

Oral Health Integration Clinical Content FAQs
Answers to the questions most often asked during clinical content training.

Oral Health Integration Workflow Optimization Mapping: A Coach's Guide
Guide to planning and carrying out workflow optimization mapping events.

Oral Health Integration Workflow Mapping Report
Template for the final report that results from workflow optimization mapping events.

Data Flow for Oral Health Reporting
Simplified explanation of the oral health integration data flow pathway.

Oral Health Integration Referral Mapping: A Coach's Guide
Guide to conducting referral workflow mapping events and optimizing oral health referral processes.

White Paper - Oral Health: An Essential Component of Primary Care

This white paper makes the case for incorporating preventive oral healthcare into routine medical care and structuring referrals to dentistry, and introduces the Oral Health Delivery Framework.

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