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NCQA PCMH Recognition

Make sure you get credit for your hard work.

Qualis Health has helped hundreds of practices achieve NCQA Patient-Centered Medical Home Recognition, and we can help you too.

Our team, which includes NCQA PCMH Certified Content Experts (PCMH CCEs), can guide you along the entire journey or provide targeted assistance for any step of the way.

Readiness Assessment

We guide you through a self-assessment that produces a comprehensive profile of your practice’s PCMH performance, revealing strengths and areas for improvement.

This profile shows where your organization stands in comparison to actual recognition requirements, providing you with a baseline for measuring future progress.

Participating in the self-assessment reinforces your knowledge of recognition standards and links that knowledge to real-world applications.

Gap Analysis

Your consultant validates your self-assessment against your sample documentation to seek out inconsistencies and identifies opportunities to close gaps that could interfere with your goals for PCMH recognition.

Afterward, your consultant delivers a written report of their findings and walks you through it to ensure you understand the issues they’ve uncovered and their recommendations for overcoming those issues.

Action Plan

We help you create a targeted action plan and timeline for the steps your practice must take to achieve its NCQA PCMH recognition objectives. As you and your consultant collaborate to develop the plan, you gain a thorough understanding not only of what you need to do, but why you need to do it.

After the plan is completed, we review it with you and answer your questions in detail.

Documentation Review

Before you submit your final documents, we thoroughly examine the entire package. Our expert checks for completeness as well as compliance with NCQA requirements. If we find any deficiencies, we suggest options for correcting them.

We also look for ways to improve your documentation and offer recommendations to help ensure you achieve recognition.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“You put your heart and soul into moving the 17 practices in the right direction. As mentors, you convinced me that practices—big or small, public or private—can become medical homes!”

Ellen Turner, MPH
Former Project Manager
L.A. Care Health Plan

“We have been given a Level 2 PCMH designation. We have all seen the benefit to our patients now that we are practicing as a PCMH. You were invaluable to us during this transition; we could not have achieved this recognition without your guidance and hard work.”

Gilberto Medina, MD
Family Care Specialists

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