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HealthInsight and Qualis Health Announce Formal Merger Agreement

April 16, 2018

Salt Lake City and Seattle - The governing boards of HealthInsight and Qualis Health have approved a formal agreement to merge the two organizations and their operations across the U.S., as anticipated since the February announcement of their intention to merge. The merger is final and effective today.

The new, merged organization builds on the successes, strengths and cultures of both companies. HealthInsight and Qualis Health will continue to use their current operational names until the organization introduces a new corporate brand later this year.

The merged organization’s governing board includes equal representation of HealthInsight and Qualis Health, supplemented by new members previously not affiliated with either company. Hugh Straley, MD, formerly Chair of the Qualis Health board, has been named as inaugural Chair of the new board. Dr. Straley stated, “The combined expertise and experience of the new organization is powerful, with potential to accelerate the pace and reach of our work significantly. I look forward to working with the board to assure strong governance and direction as we begin this journey.”

The new senior leadership team has already begun defining strategies to align organizational operations and to position the merged company in the healthcare quality improvement marketplace. Marc Bennett, CEO of the merged organization, stated, “We’re thrilled the merger plan is now legally executed. Initial feedback from our customers has been very positive. We believe the merger will enable us to fulfill our shared mission more effectively, expand the impact of our services, and most importantly, improve the health of the communities we serve.”

Both HealthInsight and Qualis Health have engaged in healthcare quality consulting and providing quality improvement services for more than 40 years. Currently they contract with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and with Medicaid and other agencies in multiple states. They maintain a diverse portfolio of additional public‐ and private‐sector business operations across the U.S. The new, merged organization employs more than 500 people in office locations across the country.

About HealthInsight and Qualis Health
HealthInsight and Qualis Health are national leaders in assisting front-line providers and engaging healthcare stakeholders to improve care delivery and patient outcomes, with offices in Alabama, Alaska, California, the District of Columbia, Idaho, Kansas, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah and Washington. Clients include the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, state Medicaid and other government agencies, health plans and providers, federally qualified health centers, foundations and other privately funded organizations. The new, merged organization’s programs include nationally recognized care management services for public and private purchasers; technical assistance and support to healthcare providers; health information technology consulting services through the Outlook Associates subsidiary; external quality review services; transparency and public reporting of healthcare services and health outcomes; patient and family engagement work in the community; and redesigning how care is paid for and delivered. For more information, visit www.healthinsight.org and www.qualishealth.org.

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