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External Quality Review - Washington Medicaid

Our Team

Ricci Rimpau, RN, BS, CPHQ, CHC - Operations Manager
With over a decade of quality improvement experience, Ms. Rimpau is a knowledgeable leader in the healthcare field. Most recently, Ms. Rimpau was part of a team that conducted the external quality reviews for Washington and Oregon with Acumentra Health. She brings that experience and a diverse background with managed care to her leadership of all EQRO operations for our DBHR contract.


Meredith Agen, MBA - Associate Vice President, Health Care Analytics
With more than a decade of experience in healthcare data systems and reporting, Ms. Agen brings a rich background in data strategy and analysis to her role. For the EQRO contracts, she oversees the collection of data, and guides the planning and design of analytic methods and output as well as the interpretation of findings for use in the EQR analytic and technical reports. Prior to joining our team, Ms. Agen was a Director with Optum Analytics in Boston, where she led the analytic development team supporting an integrated analytics platform for healthcare providers.


Nazanin Dameshghi, MS - Senior Health Data Analyst
Ms. Dameshghi joined us in 2016 as a Health Data Analyst, bringing a background in statistics. For our EQRO work, Ms. Dameshghi analyzes Medicaid data in order to improve the quality of services provided to Washington’s Medicaid enrollees. Her analyses feature in our Comparative Analysis and Regional Analysis reports, as well as the Annual Technical Report.


Crystal Didier - Clinical Quality Specialist
With a background in psychology and counseling, Ms. Didier began her career as a child and family therapist where she helped families heal and recover from mental illness. Ms. Didier also held roles as a quality compliance auditor and most recently, as the Chief Compliance Officer at Southwest Washington Behavioral Health. As our Clinical Review Specialist, she works with Behavioral Health Organizations to improve healthcare quality.


Joe Galvan - Project Coordinator
With 14 years of experience in the healthcare field, Mr. Galvan brings an extensive set of administrative and resource management skills to our team, including database development and maintenance, project planning, scheduling and event coordination. As project coordinator for EQR activities, he provides the HCA and DBHR contract teams with a variety of logistical and administrative support.


Emily Horton - Communications Consultant
Ms. Horton is lead editor for our EQR contracts. In this role she coordinates, develops and edits content for a variety of technical reports assessing quality of care provided by the state’s Medicaid managed care organizations and Behavioral Health Organizations. Prior to joining our team, Ms. Horton served for more than 10 years as an editor and communications contributor for various scientific publications and healthcare entities.


Kristin Johnson, PMP - Program Manager
With nearly two decades of healthcare experience, Ms. Johnson has a deep background in a variety of capacities including program development, quality improvement, community outreach and patient education. A skilled program manager, she currently manages the Health Care Authority EQRO contract. In this role, Ms. Johnson oversees daily operations and contributes to the development of strategies that ultimately improve the quality of care patients receive.


Wesley Jordan, MS - Clinical Quality Specialist
Ms. Jordan is a clinical reviewer with deep experience in quality management. Her background includes 10 years of experience in behavioral health and quality improvement activities, including auditing, data collection and assessment, and development of quality assurance review tools. Before she joined us, Ms. Jordan served Catholic Community Services for nine years in several roles, first as a Behavioral Health Specialist and later as a Quality Improvement Manager. As Clinical Quality Specialist for the EQRO team, she brings extensive knowledge of applicable laws, regulations, and compliance and an unwavering dedication to continuous quality improvement initiatives.


Evan Stults - Vice President, Communications
As Vice President of Communications, Mr. Stults leads communications strategies for initiatives dedicated to improving healthcare quality and safety. He has worked in healthcare communications and program development for over 25 years, including directing the national communications resource center for the Medicare Quality Improvement Organization (QIO) Program from 2002 through 2008.

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